The Hub


The Hub was born around 1995 as an in-house initiative at Quarry View Junior School to provide support to pupils who today would be the equivalent of SEN support. 

Although the students initially targeted did not have a statement, they had significant difficulties with basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics and were unlikely to close the attainment gap with their peers without a high degree of support. 

Initially, the Curriculum Access Provision (CAP) operated mornings only; with the children accessing mainstream classrooms and the foundation curriculum each afternoon. 

The Local Authority bought into the concept commissioning a small number of places within the units.

The last 20 years have seen significant changes to the provision.

Changes to the statementing criteria had a significant impact on the population/profile of the unit and the needs of children currently placed are more complex than those previously.  The current profile/cohort of children not only have more severe learning difficulties, but more often than not have additional needs ranging from EBD, Autism, Downs Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy; as well as specific chromosomal disorders and life threatening medical conditions. 

Today the ‘Hub’ is a 30 place planned provision and is organised into 3 distinct classes based upon social and academic considerations. Although the groups are fairly fluid they still follow the titles of Primary, KS3 and KS4.


Learning Independencece


We want all of our young people to develop the skills and knowledge to become independent lifelong learners. Our aim is to instill in them a ‘can do’ attitude in order to maximise their ability to overcome all the challenges they will encounter in life. We want children to view their experiences in the Academy as learning rather than work. We want them to be able to look back and say I enjoyed and felt safe there and it contributed to me being able to make a positive contribution to the society I live in.

Primary HUB


Welcome to Primary Hub. Our teacher is Mrs Ridings and our teaching assistants are Miss Haswell and Miss Daley. We love to learn and we love to have fun while we are doing it. We like to find out about the world we live in and talk about things we have done. We  enjoy going swimming each week at Washington Primary Academy, doing dance or gymnastics with Mrs Greenwell and practising our PE skills with Mr Football. We regularly take part in Sports ability events at Sunderland Tennis Centre.  We love making music with Miss Riley, especially when we play the ukuleles.