At Academy 360 we aim to develop motivated, tolerant, happy and responsible young people who appreciate their own worth and respect the worth of others. We wish to provide pupils with memorable learning environments and positive learning experiences, empowering them to stay healthy and safe and develop their own set of high moral values which allows them to build positive and successful relationships with others and their local and wider environments.

Our priority is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which progresses throughout the Primary Phase.  A curriculum overview sets and skills grid sets out the themes to avoid repetition and to ensure coverage and progression.

Incorporated into the PSHE curriculum is:

  • Mindfulness activities
  • Sex and Relationships (Lucinda and Godfrey)
  • Kidsafe (Year 2 and Year 5 (Bullying, Your Body, Internet Safety, Trusted Grown Ups, Families))

Teaching Assistants have been trained to deliver the Lucinda and Godfrey Programme and only trained members of staff deliver the Kidsafe programme.

We enhance our curriculum through outside agencies and guest speakers including Oral Health Promoter, School Nurse, Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Fire Brigade.

We promote healthy eating and/or good oral health by:

  • Providing parents with guidelines on what constitutes a healthy, nutritionally balanced, home packed lunch.
  • Requesting parents sign a Home School Agreement, of which one section is committing to providing their child with a nutritionally balanced packed lunch should it apply.
  • Offering a range of nutritionally balanced lunch time choices.
  • Monitoring home packed lunches.
  • Only offering milk (for KS1) or water at lunch times.
  • Encouraging pupils to bring in their own water bottles so they can have access to water throughout the day.
  • Offereing only healthy snacks at break times (KS1).
  • Following nutritionally balanced guidelines in enhancements of the curriculum such as Cookery Club and Food Technology.
  • Providing the 2 hours P.E. allocation as stated in Government guidelines.
  • Prohibiting confectionary on school premises.
  • Disallowing confectionary as a reward by Academy staff.
  • On the occasions where cake or confectionary does come into school, as part of birthday celebrations or holiday gifts, requesting children take them home at the end of the schhol day.

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