Academy 360 provides an inspiring learning experience from EYFS to KS4 driven by high expectations. We firmly believe that all young people can develop into good citizens and recognise that everyone has an important part to play in raising standards. We expect all members of our school to behave with dignity, courtesy and respect. We take pride in ensuring that our young people grow as independent and resilient citizens who are well-equipped for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century world of work.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Vision

At Academy 360, we aim to promote positive social and emotional wellbeing, mental health and wellness for pupils and staff in our school. This includes emotional wellbeing and positive mental health across the whole-school community, including parents. We understand that wellbeing is of central importance to learning and attainment, with high levels of wellbeing associated with improved academic outcomes. Conversely, we know that pupils who have mental health problems are more likely to have academic difficulties at school and experience social disadvantage later in adult life. In our school, emotional wellbeing covers a range of dimensions, such as resilience, character building, relationships and self-esteem; and we understand that both developmental and mental health awareness is critical. The mental health and wellbeing of our pupils is vital to success in school and life.

We aim to educate about mental health and wellbeing so that it is an integral part of the school curriculum. Our school provides a safe and supportive environment for building life skills and resilience. Healthy relationships with peers, teachers and other school staff are essential to children’s positive experience of school and their cognitive and emotional development. We also recognise that the needs and wellbeing of school staff are also crucial. We take a whole-school approach to mental health and wellbeing. We ensure our curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of the students and promote wellbeing through PSHE, SMSC, British Values and through daily mindfulness such as Mini Me Yoga. We have a system for identifying and supporting children who may be vulnerable or at risk and deliver interventions. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our students are safe, happy, achieve and succeed at school and in life.