School Uniform consists of:

Blue School Blazer (Year 11 Black)
A Year Group Tie
A White School Shirt
Black School Trousers
Black School Shoes


A bag
School planner
A pen
A ruler
A pencil.


No jewellery other than a watch and stud earrings.
False nails/varnish are not permitted.
False eyelashes must not be worn.
Make up must not be worn.

Blazer and Tie Supplier:

Michael Sehgal & Sons
28-40 Scotswood Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

0191 2302320


Current Ties

(Remains with the student all years)
Y7 – Blue and Red
Y8 – Blue and Yellow
Y9 – Blue and White
Y10 – Blue and Green
Y11 – Red and White