At Academy 360 we firmly believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that every child ‘realises their potential’. Through strong governance, the dedicated commitment of our well-trained staff and positive relationships with parents, we strive to create a caring environment where all of our young people can thrive. The Academy is structured to provide support for the whole child pastorally, socially and academically.

On entry, from reception and in Year 7, we take time to get to know the starting points of all our learners, understanding who they are and what they want to achieve, whilst also forming a detailed picture of their academic ability to know how best to support them on this exciting journey.

Pupil Premium provides additional funding based upon the number of learners who are currently entitled to free school meals as well as those who have received this support in the last six years; looked after children; those who have been looked after but are now adopted since 2005, and students of parents in the armed forces.

In 2015/16 funding allocated was £1,320 per primary Pupil Premium pupil and £935 per secondary Pupil Premium student.  Plus additional funding of £935 where a student is looked after or receives free school meals, and £300 per student where a student’s parent is in the armed forces. The total allocation of funding in 2015/16 was £529,485

How we deployed the funding in primary and secondary

  • Ensured class sizes remain small
  • Deployed staff to run targeted intervention groups
  • Contributed to funding experiential learning including trips and visitors
  • Invited specialists to support Music, P.E. Creative Arts, Literacy, Numeracy
  • Improved resources for subjects and specifically reading
  • Provided an alternative resource for vulnerable children
  • Ensured pastoral support
  • Deployed staff and resources to support improvements in attendance
  • Improved access to high quality CPD for all staff

Impact of Pupil Premium

In the Core Subjects in primary

 Disadvantaged children performed equally or above in reading and writing compared to those nationally despite including the 10% Hub children in the reported figures.

Progress was significantly higher than national in reading and writing specifically. In reading this was in the top 10% nationally.

Reading 78/87% Exc Hub 66%National 77/84%PP




Writing 82/91% Exc Hub 74%National 82/89%PP




Maths 57/65% Exc Hub National70% 62%PP


75 %PP


Combined 63% 53% 54%PP




The primary school recently achieved the Basic Skills Quality Mark for demonstrating sustained improvements in basic skills and securing good outcomes for all groups.

In Secondary

Although the performance of disadvantaged children remains lower than non-disadvantages children nationally, the achievement gap has narrowed since the previous year:

Headline Measure(mainstream) PP Disadvantaged National All All National
C+ Eng & ma 35% 62% 35% 69%
Progress 8 -0.66 -0.56 -0.14
Attainment 8 39.34 52.56 40.25 49.34

Our whole school objectives for 2016/17 are:

Narrow attainment and progress gaps for disadvantaged students against other pupils / students in the Academy and other learners nationally

Increase PP participation in free / subsidised extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities at the Academy

Provide enhanced opportunities for Personal, Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development for eligible pupils / students

Improve attendance of PP pupils / students in line with national expectations

Develop a pupil / student leadership programme to improve the self-confidence PP pupils / students and increase the value of pupil / student voice and involvement in decision–making at Academy 360

 Continue to rapidly narrow the achievement gap between disadvantaged children and non-disadvantaged children nationally in the secondary phase.

A detailed version of this report can be obtained from Louise Doran.